His Royal Favorite – His Royal Secret #2

August 9, 2017

As promised when I talked about part 1 I also read part 2 in the series and I will tell you all about it today. Let me start of by telling that part 2 in the series was quite good, but in some ways it left me wanting more and with unanswered questions.

When we left part 1 James was about to come out to the public eye and telling the world he is a gay man and deeply in love with Benjamin. But when he reveals that to the world, it will also mean exposing Benjamin as his partner. Is Benjamin truly ready for being the partner of the next in line for the throne. He will never have a moment of peace or privacy anymore and the press will be hunting him wherever he goes. And will he be able to keep working as a reporter or not?

So when the news finally breaks all over the world, the deep dark secrets from the past will also be brought out to light. And some of those things where never meant to come out again. Will James be able to deal with Benjamins past or not? Will their love be strong enough for this?

And what will this mean for James? He now has to fight his own family for his right to the throne, while also keeping his sister safe. Will he remain next in line or will he be removed for coming out with the truth? When James has to choose between Ben and the crown, what will he choose? And what will the people of England have to say about it? Will they be able to live with a gay king leading their country?

Now as I said before, I really like this story because it talks about something that has been discussed many times before all over the world. Here we finally see it happen for real and learn about the consequences of such an event. I can imagine it would really be like this. Imagine you are dating a celebrity or someone famous. Of course you would be hunted by the press forever and each and every detail of your life would come out, no matter how much you try to hide it. The pressure on both parties would be enormous and it will take a very strong person to be able to withstand this.

However, the ending of the story is a bit to easy for me. One of the major adversaries of the relationship is of course the English church, because the king is automatically head of the Church also. But when the big talk finally happens about this, the Church just goes like “Well, if you promise not to change anything, we will accept it” Does that sound believable? And before the relation is out in the open, Ben is seen walking in and out of the palace at all hours of the day and night and no one says anything about it, or talks to the tabloids about the details?

“What’s it like, being in love?”For a few moments James tried to find the right words. “Like that moment in THE WIZARD OF OZ when Dorothy opens the door and see Oz for the first time. Everything goes from black and white to Technicolor. And you’re leaving everything that’s familiar. Instead the world is both scarier and more beautiful than ever before.”

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