His True Nature – The Forestry Series #1

July 29, 2015

25429671His True Nature is the latest story by Silvia Violet. It is only 38 pages long, so not long enough for a full novel but it provides for a nice read.

Om his thirtieth birthday, Dan decides the time has come for him to come out. He tells his family that he is gay. Expecting acceptance, but that is not what he is getting. The family rejects him and openly insults him. His need to get away from them is growing stronger and he decides on a whim to buy a camper and go out into the woods for a while.

The plan is to spend his holiday fishing, hiking and camping but he soon learns he has no clue what he is doing out there. How is he going to survive one day, let alone three months? He fears his trip is going to get cut short real fast.

But in the most desperate moment Parker arrives on the scene, the local forest ranger. And boy is he one of the most sexy man Dan has ever seen in his life. He takes an instant liking to Parker, but has no idea if Parker feels the same about him or not. He is determined to find out and try to get Parker in his bed and possibly in his life.

Over the course of the next few days Parker shows up a lot around the camp, assisting Dan with little things and making sure he will survive being out there. One night and under the influence of some alcohol, Dan decides to take a chance and confess to Parker what he feels in his heart. Will Parker feel the same about Dan or will he run away and never come back again? Dan is willing to open up for the first time in his life, taking a big risk.

I liked the story, but because of the shortness there was not much room to describe things. The whole thing felt kind of rushed and unnatural to me. Running away to the forest miles away from nowhere, and the very first man you see is the most attractive man you have ever seen? A bit hard to believe, but I guess it can happen.

Read the story if you have nothing to do for about an hour, it will pass some time.

Silvia Violets official website can be found here. You can buy this book at Amazon.

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