Hot Nurse

August 13, 2018

Hot Nurse is the new novel by Brad Tanner, and is a part of the Under the Uniform series. I have met Brad personally at Europride Con 2018 and I can personally say he is one of the nicest and sweetest persons I have ever met. He send me this book personally asking me to read and review it, and of course I am happy to do so. Thank you Brad, I really appreciate it.

So remember, I received this book as an ARC, it won’t be available until August 23, 2018. And i really advice everyone to read the rest of the Under the Uniform series as they are also great !!

Lee has been single for about 10 years now. He has been living in Oxford, trying to get his DJ career started. There is moderate succes, but his career isn’t really taking of like he wants it to. His love life is also nothing to write home about. Apart from a few one night stands nothing ever happens. Until one night he walks home after a DJ gig, decides to go for a late night snack and meets Salvo.

Salvo has moved from Italy to Oxford to start a career as a nurse at the John Radcliffe Hospital. He is determined to get his career started, but he also wouldn’t mind picking up a nice cute English boy to spend his life with. But he is no type for one night stands and only wants the real thing. So when he is going to get something to eat before his shift starts, he bumps into Lee….

The attraction between them is instant and pretty soon their relation is starting up and moving at a very fast pace. But when they are moving forward they both have to learn lessons about love and how you can never ever take it for granted. Will they be happy ever after?

I love, love, love this book, the characters and the story. When I was reading the story I could just picture everything in my head as it happened. The story is great, the writing is strong and believable and I just fell in love with Lee and Salvo. Give me more !!!!!

Find out more about Brad at his personal website here. This book will be available on August 23, 2018 but you can pre-order here.


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