I Saw The Naked Gardener

August 5, 2015

41thhK7cyPL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_I Saw The Naked Gardener is the new novel by Danika Hartland. She requested me personally to review this book for my blog.

This book is different from my normal reads, because it is not m-m romance, but m-f romance. However, romance is romance, so I enjoyed this book just as much. It is a bit on the predictable side, but provides for a quick read and a funny story.

Tamsin is a normal woman in a normal American town. Married for years, two daughters who both have left home and are building their own lives. Her marriage isn’t what it used to be anymore and she feels like she is missing something. She feels neglected and abused by her husband. She is not allowed to go anywhere alone or do anything apart from her husband. And she is looking for a way out.

Then her best friend Margie reveals a secret to her. Hidden somewhere near Boston is a club, strictly for women and catering to any and every fantasie you could ever have. It allows a woman to have her needs fulfilled and her fantasies catered to. Tamsin is fascinated by the story, but she is sure there is a catch in there. So she wants to go to this club to expose them and protecting her friend, who she thinks is a bit on the naive side.

When she arrives at the club she starts wandering around the grounds, checking out every part of the club she can see. But upon entering a building she walks in on gardener David, who is taking a shower in all his naked glory. Ashamed but fascinated at the same time, she takes her time to check him out. During her stay there they meet up several times. Tamsin is more and more sure David is the man she has always wanted in life. But the rules of the club do not allow for romance, so what can she do?

Angel, the manager slowly reveals the clubs secret to her, making sure she gets everything she needs out of her stay in the club. And when her time there is up, she needs to make a decision how to act on everything she learned in the club.

I must say I really liked the story for about 95% but the ending not so much. I could feel the ending coming a mile away and it felt a bit forced, making sure there is a HEA. I have never read anything else by Danika Hartland, so I am not sure this is always the case. However in this book it felt unnecessary and forced.

Danika Hartland has no official website yet, but her Twitter account can be found here. This book is for sale at Amazon.


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