Ice – Salisbury Stories #2

August 31, 2016

28550515Ice is the second part in the Salisbury Stories series. I already read part 1and so of course I had to read part 2 as well. R.J. Scott was kind enough to provide me with an ARC and I read it with great pleasure.

For those of you who already read part 1 the background of the story will be well known. In the end of part 1 there was a great fire and part of the restaurant was destroyed and is now being rebuild. To do that Jonathan Ellis is hired. He is the owner of Ageless Wood Restorations and therefore cut out for a job like this. But the work is too much and he needs help.

So when Greg Drakowski comes through town and offers his help he gladly accepts it. And of course it also helps the guy is cute as hell. But Greg is after something completely different and when he gets what he wants he intends to leave town again and never come back.

Greg is having feelings towards Jonathan he has never had before for anyone and now he doesn’t know what to do. Will he stay and be happy or find the treasure and go on the run again like he always has done. Will he choose his heart or his fortune in the end?

I so very much loved this story. It is a perfect addition to part 1 and makes sure the story goes on further. Buy and read this I urge you !

The first bullet missed Greg’s head by less than an inch; he felt the heat and the displacement of air as it thudded into the wall behind him.

“You promised me, Greg,” Andrey snapped, fear in his voice. He’d managed to wedge himself behind a large crate with Egyptian import stamps on its side. “You told me this was safe. Lena is going to kill you, if these bastards don’t.”

Greg ignored his friend and assessed the situation. The crates were good enough to provide shelter at the moment, but they wouldn’t be strong enough, unless their contents were made of steel, to ricochet the bullets. Knowing his luck today, they had already been unpacked. Plywood-enclosed emptiness stopped nothing.

Another round planted itself in the wall a little farther away. Was the shooter aiming blindly into the corner where they’d run, or did they have sight of the two men and had deliberately targeted not to injure them? Greg shoved at the crate a little, just to get some more room behind, and the next bullet fired grazed his calf; the burning heat made him yelp.

You can find R.J. Scott’s personal page here. This book is for sale at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This book is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone.

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