If I Told You So

January 17, 2015

13543211If I Told You So falls in the Young Adult category, since it is about young people (16 or so). There is a small gay theme, but that is not the major point of the story.

Sean Jackson is turning 16 this summer and because he doesn’t want to spend the summer with his dad in another state he finds himself a summer job. Ofcourse all the cool places are already taken, so he ends up selling ice cream in a bright pink shirt, making new friends in the proces.

On his very first day he meets Becky, a Jewish girl from New York and the manager of the store Jay. Jay is 18 and according to Becky has an eye out for Sean. Sean knows he has feelings for Jay, but doesn’t know how to act on them or what to do. And to make things worse, Sean has Lisa, his “girlfriend” of several years. He is glad she is a good Christian girl and doesn’t want to “do” anything. Lisa goes away for the summer and leaves Sean to his feelings.

The more he works with Jay, the more he starts to feel for him and wants to act on those feelings. Than one night Jay tells him he wants him and takes him out.

What follows is a summer of discovery, feelings and emotions. And in the end we learn that love can be found in strange places and not always in the place you expect to find it. One thing is for sure, everyone will learn new things and discover new feelings.

This coming of age story will find a place in the heart of every one who has ever been a teenager. It is sweet, romantic and provides for an easy read. I really enjoyed the story and hope this author writes more in the future. So far this is his only book.

Find out more about the author and his books on his personal website here.



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