Imagines – Imago #2

August 6, 2017

Imagines is part 2 in the Imago series, which logically follows part 1 in the series. Immediately after finishing part 1 I started the second part, because I had to know what happened next. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Lawson and Jack have been together for 6 months now, and are still madly in love with each other. Lawson is still very much involved in saving the new found species of butterfly, the Tillman Copper. Jack is working very hard to deal with the aftermath of a big fire they had that destroyed a big part of the forest. Tired from working, Jack suggest they take a trip together for some much needed rest and vacation. Lawson agrees, but he is offered a 2 week stay in Queensland to help deal with another butterfly problem. So they figure they can mix work and pleasure and fly out to beautiful Queensland.

Lawson is working side by side with world famous professor Piers Bonfils, who seems to be taking an interest in Lawson more than just professional. Will Lawson be able to deal with that or not? Aside from that Lawson is offered a more permanent position in Queensland. So now he has to choose between living with Jack in Tasmania or a prestigious position in Queensland. Will he be able to choose, and if so, will he choose love or career?

But then something happens. Lawson and Jack go out on a research expedition deep in the jungle, miles away from anywhere. When Lawson goes out in the middle of the night and falls down a landslide, will Jack be able to save him? And will it affect Lawson’s choice? And finally they will meet the families for real this time.

Part 2 in the series was equally as great as part 1. I had to laugh several times at the conversations the two MC’s have. They are deeply devoted to each other and both of them find whatever they need in the other. Even Jacks dog Rosemary seems to have taken a liking to Lawson, which is a very good thing in Jacks book. And pay special attention to Lawson’s mother, she is a great character also.

This book is for sale at Amazon. You can find N.R. Walkers personal site here.


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