In $ We Trust – Laura Cahill #2

September 12, 2015

25870689In $ We Trust by Jessica Strong was sent to me by the author requesting a review. It is part 2 in the series about Laura Cahill, a young assistant DA in New York, who some how always manages to get the cases with a little twist. And this one is no different.

One day, Gloria Moore walks into a bank and starts shooting people. 4 people die and one is critically injured before she is arrested. When she is questioned, she wants to fully admit to whatever she did. All she wants is one thing. There has to be a full investigation in to the financial meltdown that happened a few years before and caused Gloria’s husband to kill himself. DA Barney Neal realizes that he has to do what she asks in order for the case to be settled. So he and Laura start the investigation and soon run into strange things and people who want to stop them from getting to far.

I was quite fascinated by the subject of this book. We all know about the financial crash but what really happened? Was it just random or was it caused deliberately by some people who stood to gain a lot of money from it?

The story is fast paced and there is a lot happening, but pretty soon you are caught up in the story and can’t stop reading until it is finished. The only thing that was bothering me were all the financial terms being used and never explained. Some were easy to understand, but some I had to look up to know what they meant and how it works for the story. But that was the only point of critique I could find.

Now that I have read part 2, it makes me curious about part 1. And that is always a good sign in my book. So right after finishing this review I will go out and by part 1 in the series. So the review for that will come some time in the future.

You can find the authors personal blog here. The book is for sale at Amazon.

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