Is Fat Bob Dead Yet?

September 1, 2015

24611433Is Fat Bob Dead Yet is a hardcover book send to me by the author, requesting a review. And for the first time in my life I find it is not easy to do so. I am sure the book is brilliant and nice, but it is just not my type of story. I don’t get the humor, I don’t get the characters and I don’t like the constant shifting in viewpoint.

Connor Raposo is a newcomer to town and on his very first visit to a store he is the witness of a terrible accident. A man on a motorcycle is run over by a dumbstruck, his head coming clean of. At first glance it looks like an accident, but was it really an accident? First of the head is missing, completely gone. Second everyone thinks the dead man is Roberto Rossi or Fat Bob as he was known. But is it really him or just someone pretending to be him?

It turns out Fat Bob owed the wrong people money and he knows a lot about a whole lot of things, all good enough to get him killed. So if the dead man isn’t Fat Bob, then where is the real Fat Bob?

The case ends up in the hands of two detectives, who seem to at least don’t like each other very much. Benny Vikström and Manny Streeter never pass up on a chance to antagonize the other and they can’t believe their luck ending up on this case together. They start working the case, finding several answers that raise even more questions on their way.

The book is filled with so many characters it is very hard to keep track of all of them. Every other page it seems their is a new character introduced with his or her own strange habits. There is a homeless man who seems convinced he has a tail and feels the need to hide it where ever he goes, Fat Bobs ex wife who is selling very expensive motorcycles for a very cheap prize just to annoy him and so on.

Apparently Stephen King has described this author as “the best of the best” and who am I to question Kings judgement? But if all books by this author are like this one, I will pass up on them next time. Sorry, not my thing….

The book is for sale at Amazon.

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