Jock Auction

March 31, 2015

At first I picked up Jock Auction because the guy on the front reminded me of someone I used to know. I never heard of author Alex Pendragon before, and after I read the story, I know why. The story is hot, filled with sex and easy to read, but it is just someones sexual fantasy written down on paper.

It starts off with all the football jocks put up for auction because of some charity. And of course the hottest of them all is bought by the geekiest guy in the class, Craig. The football jock in question, Kyle, doesn’t know how to react but decides to go along for the team. He thinks Craig will have him do some cleaning up or something. So when he goes to Craig’s house the next Saturday, he is ready for it. But then Craig admits he has the hots for Kyle in the worst way. Kyle is surprised and doesn’t know what to do. But of course after a little while, they have sex and it turns out to be the hottest sex he ever had.

I guess you can pretty much predict the rest. Kyle is not sure if he is gay or not, is afraid of what his jock friends will say and so on. In finding out what he wants he has sex with one of his team mates, a black guy with of course, a huge cock (how cliche it is….)

In the end, he wants Craig and only Craig and they end up together, happily ever after.

Honestly, the story is unbelievable from beginning to end. We have all lusted after some straight guy we knew we could never have. Fantasies are great and everyone should have them, but do we really need to know them all? This book is just one cliche after another on paper. Jock, geek, black guy with huge cock, anti gay teammates, understanding teammates and lots and lots of sex.

So if you want to read a hot story and don’t care that much about reality, feel free to read this. Or just read some of the thousands of other fantasies you can find everywhere online.

You can find Alex Pendragon’s personal website here. His next book is called The Hitchhiker and is due to be released on April 14, 2015. And of course I will review that book right here, so come back often to check it out.


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