Just a Bit Obsessed – Straight Guys 2

January 25, 2015

23687215Just a Bit Obsessed is the second book in the Straight Guys series, and also a great addition in my opinion. In this book we meet Christian, best friend to Shawn who we met in book 1. Christian always had a secret crush on Alexander Sheldon, but Alexander is straight so Christian thinks nothing will happen there.

But then Alexanders girlfriend invites Christian over for a threesome with her and Alexander. Christian jumps to the chance of seeing Alexander naked for the first time and possibly even touch him.

The threesome happens and everybody seems to like it. Over the course of a few months it happens several times. But unknown to Christian, Alexander finds it more and more difficult to deal with the feelings he is developing for Christian. He always thought he was straight, but now he is not so sure anymore. He doesn’t know what to do and what to say to his girlfriend who of course feels there is something wrong, but doesn’t know what. So what should he do and what will happen?

I also loved this book very much, but for a MM book there is too much vagina in this book. I know there is a girlfriend involved, but does the sex really need to be described in every detail. I don’t care how big her boobs are or not…

But other than that, another fantasy comes true while reading this book. Alessandra Hazard is an author to watch, that is for sure.

I blogged about the first book Just a Bit Twisted here, so check that out as well. Part 3 is called Just a Bit Unhealthy and is expected to come out somewhere in 2015.

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