Just A Game

January 31, 2016

Portrait of two young boys gay

Just A Game is a short story by A.J. Ridges, only 34 pages in size. It’s not a bad story, but at best it can be described as a sexual fantasy written down on paper. Hot, sexy and erotic, but not very memorable. Maybe something for a rainy Sunday afternoon ?

Bryan is a straight man, living together with his gay roommate Tim. One day Bryan meets his neighbor Ben in the hall and invites him over to watch the hockey game. He thinks Tim isn’t home and they will have no trouble. But it turns out not only is Tim home, he also has company, male company. Tim and his friend are having wild sex in the other room, while Bryan and Ben are trying to ignore the sounds coming through the wall. Awkward…….

But what happens when maybe Ben is not as straight as he claims to be, and when Bryan is starting to have feelings he never thought he would have. And why is Ben looking for excuses to be with Bryan, no matter what he has to do for it? Could there be anything more between them, then they both thought possible?

To my knowledge I have never read anything by this author before, and based on this one I probably never will again. I really don’t mind sexual fantasies, but in my opinion they should stay fantasies and not be written down on paper for other people to read. A fantasy may work out great in your head, but it is a lot harder to work out on paper.

However, for what its worth, its not a bad story at all. I liked the way the relation between Bryan and Ben is described. Shy at first, but slowly getting bolder and bolder. Of course the neighbor is every gay mans fantasy, like they should be. And of course the two fall in love together, even though they both sincerely claim to be straight. But they fall head over heels, move in together and live HEA. Now how often do you see that happening?

The author has no personal site that I could find, the last one expired on January 24, 2016. This story is for sale at Amazon.


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