Just One Night

July 29, 2016

30044284Just One Night is a wonderful story by Sebastian Carter, a story full of love and romance and I loved it so. It shows me that nothing is more important in this world than having close friends who look out for you and only want the best for you.

Theo Cooper desperately wants to find his place in life, but that seems to be much harder than he ever thought possible. His father is a homophobe and his ex was constantly sleeping around on him. Walking in on his ex in bed together with the latest conquest was all he needed to end it for good. So what to do now? He needs money to get a place of his own, but where does he find money? Luckily his best friend Brianna knows what to do….

Elliot James is a sweet man, but painfully shy and socially awkward. Of course this is seriously standing in the way of him ever meeting a nice man. His best friend and boss Brianna LaFontaine is so far the only one he had the courage to come out to. She really wants to help him find a man and tries pushing him out of his comfort zone, but so far no luck.

So when Theo refuses to take her money without something in return she makes a deal with him. Help her get Elliot out of his shell and give him one night of passion and in return she will pay him whatever he wants. Theo thinks it is an easy way to get cash and he accepts.

But when Elliot and Theo meet for the first time, sparks are flying and just one night doesn’t seem to be enough for both men. Is it really possible to fall in love after only one night? Can Theo and Elliot find love together and both come out better than before?

Now what I loved most about the story is the fact that it was so cleverly written and I believed everything from the start. My heart ached for Theo when he walked in on his ex in bed with another man and I was so glad he dumped the guy right there. And I really felt for sweet and shy Elliot who feels more at home behind a computerscreen than in the real world. How hard it must be to find love when you are like that. As far as I could tell this is the only book Sebastian Carter has written to date, but I really really hope there will be more in the future.

You can find Sebastian Carter’s personal page here. This novel is for sale at Amazon.


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