Just That Easy

April 7, 2015

Just That Easy is the debut novel by Madeline Kirby so it reads as a first time story. But there is nothing wrong with that and in this case the story is great, sweet and very lovable. I enjoyed it very much.

We meet David Harper, once the high school nerd, now a normal student in graduate school. He turned out alright, but still has some lingering insecurity in the back of his mind. Will he ever be good enough for someone and will someone actually like him for what he is and who he is?

Then one day, Sean Sullivan returns into his life. Sean was in the same high school David was in, but he was the prom king, the jock and so very very straight. David has always been attracted to him, but what could he do? But then Sean starts showing interest in him and makes it pretty clear he wants more than some fooling around and experimenting….

Both boys have to work through their insecurities and their doubts to find what they need and find true love.

Of course this is just another jock-nerd story, but those are among my favorites. Didn’t we all have a crush at some point with someone we never thought we would have? I will have to keep a close eye on Madeline Kirby and hope she will write many more books for us to enjoy. With this one she is off to a good start for sure….

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