Key To His Heart

July 4, 2016

29992698Key To His Heart is the new novel by Trina Solet and is all about the budding love between a manager and his young assistant. Forbidden because of work ethics, but unstoppable in the end. I enjoyed the story so very much, even though there was a little boy in the story. Usually I don’t like stories with children, but this one I could handle.

Philip Morton is a young executive, very disciplined and methodical in his work. He likes things done a certain way and everyone needs to bend to his wishes. But one day he receives news that his brother died and might have left a kid behind. Philip is desperate to find the child, if it even exists and takes his new assistant Leon with him on the search. Leon is new to his job, but Philip needs him to keep him grounded and sane.

The child turns out to be very real and is currently living with an older relative, who tries her best but can’t really take care of him like it should. Philip wants to be a part of the young boys life but doesn’t know how. He has never had a child before and has no clue what to do. So when Leon offers to help out in that department Philip gladly accepts his help. Quickly the three of them form an alliance and things are really looking up.

So when feelings between Philip and Leon start to rise and they are forced to work close together every day, at work and at home. what can they do? Leon has some demons from his past he needs to work out and Philip is really scared to start dating his young assistant. What will people at work think? And what will little Anthony Junior think about the whole thing?

I can honestly say I loved the whole story. Philip and Leon are just too sweet together and I found myself really wanting them to be together. It was clear they both wanted it but were afraid to admit to their feelings. And little Anthony was just a cute three year old with his own view of the world.

You can find Trina Solet’s personal Twitter here. This novel is for sale at Amazon.


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