Knave of Broken Hearts – Love in Laguna #2

August 10, 2015

25422386Knave of Broken Hearts is part 2 in the Love in Laguna series by Tara Lain, one of my most favorite authors. In part 1 we met Billy and Shaz, who despite their differences found each other and fell in love head over heels. We also met Jim Carney as part of Billy’s work crew and this second book tells the story of Jim.

Jim ran away from home at age 16, escaping from his very controlling and homophobic father. Since then he has made his own way in life, working in construction wherever he could. Finally he ends up working for Billy Ballew and he admires him a whole lot. When Billy finally came out as gay, Jim admired him even more and he is very happy for Billy and Shaz. This second novel starts just after the wedding of Billy and Shaz. They are leaving for their honeymoon and Billy asks Jim to be his construction supervisor and take over for him while he is gone. Jim is honored, but a bit nervous about so much responsibility.

Part of the new job is a physical exam and Jim goes to see the doctor, only to run into the man of his dreams, Ken Tanaka. Jim has always been a great fan of yaoi graphic novels and Ken looks exactly like his favorite character. But Jim has always been sure he is straight, so where do these feelings come from?

And to make things more complicated, Jim gets a visit from his younger brother Ian, who came out as gay and was rejected by their parents. He wants to stay with Jim for a few days to get back on his feet .

All these events make Jim decide to be the responsible one and make sure everyone is happy. Taking care of his younger brother, being proposed by a rich woman, making deals with the devil and finally ending up in the hospital. In the end Jim needs to learn to take care of himself and make sure he gets some happiness of his own.

I already fell in love with part 1, but part 2 is a worthy follow up on the series. I read the whole thing in a few hours, I just couldn’t stop until it was finished. I really like these stories about blue collar men and their total opposites falling deeply in love. Once again a highly recommended Tara Lain novel.

You can find Tara Lains official website here. You can buy this book at Dreamspinner Press, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


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  • Tara Lain August 10, 2015 at 15:05

    Thank you so much for reading KNAVE OF BROKEN HEARTS! I’m so happy you loved it!! *happy dancing* : )

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