Knight of Ocean Avenue – Love in Laguna #1

May 25, 2015

Knight of Ocean Avenue is a book by Tara Lain and I LOVE this book. Very very romantic from beginning to end, totally relatable characters and so very well written it was a pleasure to read it.

Billy Ballew is 25 years old and has no idea he is gay until now. A disaster in the dating area, more worried about his parents, putting his sisters through college and coaching his Little League team. So whatever could be wrong with him then?

But when his sister is getting married, he meets Shaz or Chase Williams, an up and coming designer and stylist who is very gay in every sense of the way. Shaz thinks Billy is the most beautiful guy on the planet, but he will never be seen with a major queen like Chase Williams. Even if Billy turns out to be gay, he will surely want someone else who is more like him. Or will he? Secretly Billy admires Shaz in the greatest way, but does he want to be seen with a flamboyant gay man like that. What will his parents think? Or the people he works with in construction? Billy is busy starting up his own business, so he has to think about his image.

So will two people who are so different in every way be able to get together and discover that they are really meant for each other? Slowly but surely they grow closer and closer together and both men learn a lot about themselves and about others. Billy turns out to be a regular knight in shining armor and Shaz learns he is much stronger than he ever thought and there is no shame in being exactly who and what you are. The best relations are always build on trust, faith and letting the other one be what he or she wants to be and support them in that the best you can.

I cannot express enough how much I love this book and I really think everyone should read it. This is the way romance should be written and everyone should have a love like Billy and Shaz.


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