Lead Me Not

September 6, 2015

LeadMeNot_600x900Lead Me Not by Ann Gallagher has already featured on this blog before as part of the blog tour. Read that post right here. But this time I actually read the book and I feel the need to feature this book again, this time with my personal thoughts about it. Because let me tell you, you NEED to read this book. It is by far one of the best M-M stories I have read so far. It made me cry, it made me laugh and everything in between.

Isaac Morris is the son of a preacher and has spend his whole life preaching against homosexuality. He is sure it is one of the greatest sins and there is no way God would allow such a thing to exist. He is sure it is a choice you make and anyone can walk away from that choice and make sure their lives are so much better.

So when his sister proposes to make a documentary, proving once and for all it is a choice and you can come back from it, he hesitates at first. But when his brother tells him that his son is probably going down that path, he decides to make the documentary.

So he and his sister move to another town and Isaac gets ready to fully dip into the gay lifestyle. But his first night out on the town ends up in a homophobic beat down. Isaac is no match for the men, but he is saved by Colton Roberts, a bartender at the local gay club. Colton wears a cross around his neck and is not afraid to tell Isaac he is a Christian, but also gay.

To Isaac that is completely foreign. How can Colton be both things at the same time and still manage to live with himself? Is it really impossible to combine your faith and your preferences?

Isaac and Colton quickly become friends, but Isaac finds his faith more and more pulled into question. Everything he has ever believed seems to be wrong and now he has to decide where to go and what to do. He was never meant to fall in love with a man, and yet every time he sees Colton he gets a weird feeling in his body. And the feelings seem to be mutual as Colton is also showing interest in him.

But Colton has some dark secrets of his own and has a lot of trust issues. Will he be able to ever trust a man again and give his heart to anyone? He really really likes Isaac, but can he trust him with all his dark secrets? Or will that just send Isaac away screaming? And when everything finally comes to light, both men need to learn to deal with that and take a close look at their personal feelings and believes.

Ann Gallagher is not a real person. It is the pen name of 3 authors working together at one story. They are  L.A. Witt,   Lauren Gallagher, and Lori A. Witt It is understandable why they chose a different name for this book, the story is quite far from their normal stuff. But I really hope there will be more in the future.

As you might have guessed I LOVE this book and highly recommend it to anyone. So far the best book of 2015 if you ask me.

The book is for sale at Riptide Publishing and Amazon.

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