Let It Snow – Minnesota Christmas #1

December 1, 2015

17608230Let It Snow is part 1 in the Minnesota Christmas series by Heidi Cullinan. All stories are set in the same small town of Logan, Minnesota and focus on a small group of three lumberjacks. Each has their own reason to be there and each has his own reason to want love. But how do you find love in a very small town with an even lower gay population?

Frankie Blackburn, a young stylist, never meant to get lost in Logan, but when he finds himself in his car with a failing GPS and a blizzard about to set in, that is exactly what he is. Lost, with no idea where he is or where to go. And when he crashes his car in a ditch, he is completely lost. Somehow he finds his way to a small cabin and decides to wait the storm out.

But the cabin is owned by said three lumberjacks and they don’t exactly want another guest in their house. The weather turns for the worst and Frankie is stuck with the group until he can get back out again.

Marcus Gardner wasn’t always a lumberjack. He used to be a lawyer in Minneapolis, but at one point completely broke down and left his job. Lumberjacking has helped him get back on his feet again. But then one night he and his friends find Frankie in their house and Marcus gets a very unpleasant rush from the past. But Frankie isn’t the boy who did hem wrong in the past and he isn’t so bad at all.

Forced to sleep together in the storm, Frankie and Marcus are forced to talk and slowly fall in love. But at some point the storm will pass and Frankie will go back to the city, while Marcus remains behind in the country. As they fall deeper and deeper in love, this threat is above their heads and they have no idea what to do. Will they be able to make it work in the end?

I guess it must be the time of year or something, but I so love Christmas stories, or stories with lots of snow and cold. I have never been to Minnesota, but just by reading this book I want to go. Frankie and Marcus are fantastic and I could so relate to both of them. Frankie being afraid of being to feminine, Marcus afraid of his past and wanting to protect his heart. I fell in love right along with them and I am sure I will read this story again and again….

You can find Heidi Cullinan’s website here. This book is for sale at Samhain Publishing, All Romance Ebooks, Amazon US¬†and Amazon UK.


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