LGBT Fiction Meetings in 2015

January 17, 2015

15624136713_620091334e_bJust 2 days ago I received an invitation to Euro Pride Con, a meeting for LGBT Fiction enthousiasts. It will be held in Munich (Germany) on July 11 & 12 2015 and is a unique chance to meet up with other LGBT Fiction enthousiasts and authors. You can find out more on the website for the Con right here.

Prices start from 160 euros and if you register before the end of this month they will pay the Paypal fees for you. I am not sure I will be there yet, but I am sure it will be a fantastic event and one of a few in Europe.

UKmeetSquare_zpsb289200bLater on in the year, September 11 – 13 2015 the yearly UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet will take place. However, due to overwhelming succes they are completely sold out and no longer take registrations. You can however contact them to check if places have opened up if you want to go. Also subscribe to the newsletter so you will always be in the loop for the latest news. Visit the official site for the event here.

So thats two wonderful events to meet all the other fans of our favorite books, meet up with authors and get the latest info on exclusive deals and give a ways.

I hope to meet each and everyone of you somewhere in the future…..

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