Louder Than Words – More Than Words #2

October 24, 2016

30342604Louder Than Words is part 2 or part 3 in the series, depending on which series you read. Somewhere along the line a very confusing renumbering has taken places and now I am somewhat lost as to which part goes where exactly. Maybe a little more explanation would have been in order.

But since I love this series so much I still knew I had to read this one.

Alex survived a turbulent few months. Getting out of an abusive house, finding a new boyfriend and moving in with said boyfriend. He finally manages to find some peace and quiet and is able to think about what he wants from life.

But there is only one thing his boyfriend Andreas has always wanted, to be a cop. He wants to make sure no kid ever has to be in the same situation he was in and he thinks being a cop makes that possible. But to become a cop he has to spend a year in the army, far away from home and from Alex. Will their very new relationship be able to survive that? And what will Alex do when Andreas is so far away?

You can find TT Kove’s personal page here. This book is for sale at Amazon.


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