Love Jake – Rags and Riches #2

April 10, 2016

29505601Love Jake is part 2 in the Rags and Riches series. A few weeks ago I already reviewed part 1, now I will review part 2. As I already stated with part 1 I loved it, and that hasn’t changed with part 2. The basis concept is the same. A rich guy meets a poor guy in the street, likes him and they build up a relation after gaining trust and friendship. I am a great fun of this basic concept and E.M. Leya manages to work it out perfectly. Love Jake is a perfect add to the series, and I have already learned there will be a part 3 soon.

Jay has worked very hard all his life, determined to be the attorney in the state. His one goal in life is to help others and see them grow after he helped them. However his personal life is a disaster. Every night when he comes home his house is dark and cold. At first he thought that is what he wanted, but he hates it more and more. But where to find the perfect guy?

Chris was kicked out on the street by his parents when they learned he was gay and he has been there ever since. Along the way he picked up Jake, a beautiful dog that was left for dead. Chris works very hard to keep them both alive and sometimes he doesn’t even eat in order to give Jake something to eat. But he loves Jake with all his heart and he only wants the best for his dog.

But someday something happens that threatens to take Jake away from him. When that happens Jay steps in and takes Jake in his house for as long as Chris needs to recover. In doing so a bond between the three of them is created and grows stronger and stronger every day. So when the day comes Chris and Jake need to leave, Jay doesn’t want to let them go. But what can he do to make them stay?

I have a weakness for animals in stories and I think Jake is the perfect example. It is the kind of dog anyone would want to have, I know I would. Chris and Jay are so sweet together, it made me smile every time I read it. I can totally relate to Chris and his feelings. It is very hard to trust someone after so many years of being alone and never being able to trust anyone. And Jay was a workaholic that really needed a man in his life and a dog to make him see there are other things in life besides work.

Emma Marie Leya has a personal Facebook page here. This story is for sale at Amazon.


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