Max and the Prince – Bodyguards Inc #3

May 2, 2015

Max and the Prince is the third novel in the Bodyguards Inc series by R.J. Scott. We all know the basic principle by now. Some famous person hires a bodyguard to protect him and they fall in love and live happily ever after.

In this story the bodyguard is Max Connery. Because of his looks people always think he is much younger than he really is. Ideal to blend in at a University where Prince Lucien goes to school and is being threatened by someone unknown. Max is hired to keep an eye on the Prince, which means he will have to live close to Lucien and do whatever he does, including swimming in the swim team. Slowly but surely Max and Lucien come closer together and fall in love. But the first rule of the Bodyguard Agency is to never fall in love with a client as it will compromise you for sure.

In the end everything comes to a dramatic climax and Max and Lucien have to decide what they want in life and how they want it.

Although I really like the whole concept of bodyguards and a person to protect, after 3 books it is wearing a little thin in my opinion. All stories are basically the same, only the details differ. In my opinion R.J. Scott should leave it with these 3 books and go on to other stories.

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