Medics, Mayhem and Mojitos – Love’s First Response #3

May 16, 2015

Medics, Mayhem and Mojitos is part 3 in the Love’s First Response series by Sara York. The whole series is about people in a first response job, so in this story we meet Liam Noble, a local medic. He loves his job, but has a real hard time talking to guys. Whenever a guy is interested in him, he ends up saying all kinds of stupid things. So he has given up on that.

But when he meets the very sexy Jordan McKelvey, the sparks start flying and Liam is speechless. Jordan has to work real hard to open up Liam and sometimes he wonders if Liam is into him at all. After a hot episode in a bar stockroom Jordan is sure Liam is into him very much. Then Liam completely disappears and Jordan has no idea what happened. He is already giving up on him, when Jordan learns where Liam really is. And then everything changes in a big way…

Just as all the other parts in the series, this one is equally great. Romance, sparks and love all around.

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