More than Anything

November 12, 2014

MoreThanAnything-640x1024More than Anything is the first book in the new More than Anything series by author T.T. Love. Released in September 2014, I picked it up recently.

And I really really recommend this book to anyone. Once I started I could not stop reading until I finished. I LOVE this book so very much.

The book is set in Norway, one of my favorite countries anyway. One day Jorgen comes home and finds a strange boy on the sidewalk in front of his house. The boy has a seizure right there and Jorgen takes him in to take care of him. The boy falls asleep after the seizure and Jorgen has to decide what to do. From his bag he finds the boys name is Geir Berger. Jorgen tries to call Geirs parents but doesn’t reach anyone.

When Geir wakes up again, he turns out to be a very sweet and adorable boy and Jorgen falls for him immediately. But Geir is only 16 years old, while Jorgen is 22. And bot boys have a lot of problems of their own they have to get through, before they can be together forever.

Geir father isn’t to happy about the new relationship and does his best to make it impossible for the boys to be together. He moves in with his new girlfriend and takes Geir with him, far away from Jorgen. Jorgen tells Geir to go with his father for a year and come back when he’s 18 years old. During that year, he wants Geir to live his life the way any normal teenager would do. But Geir swears he loves only Jorgen and that will never change.

Slowly but surely the relation develops and both boys fall in love with the other very deeply. Their love is too strong to break up and they will be together forever…..

This book is written perfectly and is very emotional. Several scenes actually made me cry and feel so sorry for them. In my opinion, that is the way a good book should be written.

T.T. Kove is Norwegian born and still lives there. And it shows in all of her writing, she obviously loves the country. You can find her site here

The next part in the series should be released anytime soon.

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