More Than Words – More than Anything #2

August 12, 2016

25408682More Than Words is the latest addition to the More than Anything series by T.T. Kove. After reading part 1 I knew this second part had to be good and I was not disappointed at all. I loved it all the way and read it with great pleasure.

Alex had a rough life and he just can’t take it anymore. He has no friends, nothing to live for and nobody will miss him when he is gone. So one day he decides it might be for the best if he clears out his locker, get out of school and just put and end to it all. But then some jerk crashes into him and sends all his belongings scattering across the floor. The misery never seems to end for Alex.

All of a sudden someone kneels down beside him and helps him gathering his stuff together again. Alex is surprised to see Andreas, best friend with the guy who has been bullying Alex the worst of all. Why would a guy like Andreas help Alex? What does he want from him?

Andreas turns out to be nothing like his friends. He is interested in Alex and the things he does and thinks. All the things that turn others away from Alex don’t seem to matter to Andreas. And when Andreas turns out to be bisexual, everything seems to be to good to be true for Alex. He cannot help but worry about what might happen when and if he decides to trust Andreas. Will he finally get what he wants or will it all turn out to be a dream in the end?

I enjoyed this book very much and I think T.T. Kove is a very good author. Personally I can’t wait for more in this series.

Three weeks into school and I couldn’t take it anymore. Either I was being completely ignored by everyone, even the teachers, or I was being called names because of my looks, my mannerisms, or my scars. One would think I’d prefer being ignored, but it was just as bad as being bullied simply because of the way I was.

So I was cleaning out my locker. My books were in a stack at my feet and I was putting a couple of folders and loose papers into my rucksack. I didn’t have much in my locker, but what I did have I was going to take home with me. No one was going to have to do this for me when I was gone. I was doing it myself, like I did everything myself.

I bent to put a few of the books into my rucksack as well. It filled up quickly, though, and I wrestled with the zipper for a moment before I managed to close it.

Someone bumped into me from behind, sending me crashing into the lockers. I hit my forehead against the cold metal, and I groaned as I squeezed my eyes shut. No more. I hefted the rucksack on my back, lifted the rest of the books into my arms, and stood up. I closed my locker, but I put the padlock in my pocket. No reason to lock it when there was nothing there. When I wasn’t coming back.

My rucksack was heavy and my back was already aching from it, but so were the books I was struggling to hold onto. Why did we have to have so many books, anyway?

“Oi, watch where you’re going!”

A thick-set bloke walked right into me, sending all my books tumbling to the ground. He looked at me, shook his head, and walked away. I couldn’t even master the will to look after him in annoyance. Why was he asking me to watch where I was going? He was the one who’d walked into me. I swallowed heavily, fighting back tears as I bent to pile my books up again.

I could see out of the corner of my eye that someone plucked one of my books up: one that was out of my immediate reach. I reached out for the last book that was lying on the ground, but the person who’d picked up the other one grabbed it before me. I retracted my hand slowly, then raised my head in trepidation. Either this would be someone messing with me, or someone helping me. I wasn’t sure which one I preferred, but I was dreading it all the same.

“Here.” He crouched down and handed me the two books he was holding.

You can find T.T. Kove’s personal website here. This book is for sale at Amazon.


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