My Prince

November 7, 2015

26811410My Prince is the new novel by Anna Martin and I had a very special reason to read this book. One of the MC’s in this book is Alex, Prince of the Netherlands. And since I live in the Netherlands, I really wanted to read this one. It seems that Anna Martin invented a complete new line on our royal house and did a really great job of it. I finished this book in about 1 hour, that is how much I loved it.

George Maguire was born on the wrong side of the track as they call it. Growing up in a bad part of town, he worked very hard to get out of there and start of his career as a design engineer. And he is also gay, but only his parents and older brother know about it. So one night he goes clubbing looking for a one night stand and runs in to Alexander van Amsberg, or Alex for short. Alex is charming, classy and apparently a Prince of the Netherlands, nephew to the current king.

They have one night of explosive passion together and in the morning George leaves, expecting to never hear from the guy again. But six months later, they run into each other again. The chemistry between them is strong as ever and they pick up right where they left of. And for the first time in his life, Alex is wondering if he has met the right guy.

And when Alex’s ex shows up again and starts trouble for them, both guys have to get real about what they want and how they want it, if they are to stay together. George realizes his upbringing is nothing compared to Alex, but no one insults his family or his background and he will do anything to protect them. But what will his family think when they learn he is gay and dating royalty?

The one thing that really made me happy was the amount of detail Anna Martin put in this book. The last name of the royal family really is van Amsberg and the current king of the Netherlands is called Willem Alexander, so I can imagine this was the inspiration of the Alexander in this book. And I really liked George and the way he acted. From the picture on the front I can imagine he looks hot and is willing and able to stand up for whatever he loves. Alex was never trying to show off his wealth and never treated George bad in any way. The love between them is genuine and I could so relate to it.

And the sex…. don’t even get me started on that…. There is a lot of sex in this book, but the description is not in to much detail. Both boys are willing to explore and learn new things about themselves.

In the past I read the book Signs by Anna Martin, which is still one of my favorites to date. And this one is right up there…. Everyone should read this one !!!!

You can find Anna Martin’s personal site here. This book is for sale at Dreamspinner Press.


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