Not Just Passing Through

May 27, 2016

29734969Not Just Passing Through is a novel by Jamie Dean. As far as I know I never read anything by this author, but I liked this story. Its not special in any way, but provides for entertainment for a few hours.

Avery Malcolm is a closeted virgin, living with his aunt in New Mexico. They run a small motel together, but Avery has bigger dreams. He wants to leave this town, find love and be happy. But how will he ever make that happen? Outside of his job at the motel, he doesn’t really do anything. So where should he meet other people, let alone the guy of his dreams?

One night Chase Lancaster rides up to the motel with his sexy black motorcycle. Immediately he catches Avery’s eye, although he seems to be looking only at the women in town. Will Avery have a chance with Chase? Chase doesn’t seem to mind Avery looking at him, in fact he likes the attention and stimulates Avery in it. It seems there is so much more to Chase than meets the eye and Avery quickly falls for the guy head over heels. But what will happen when Chase will leave town again? Will Avery’s heart be broken or not?

The story is quite simple and easy, you can see what is going to happen from a mile away. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, since I could really relate to Avery and the way he was feeling. One can only imagine being stuck in a small town with little or no new people to meet. What can you do to find the love of your life?

You can find Jamie Dean’s personal page here. This story is for sale at Dreamspinner Press.

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