Not That Type of Guy

September 27, 2015

13499642Not That Type of Guy is a novel by Sara York and I am guessing it is one of her older ones, since it is from 2012. The story is not too bad, but a bit on the easy side for me.

Aiden Jackson works for a very secret part of the US government. A part of the CIA, but only a limited amount of people know about it. As far as he knows Aiden is straight as an arrow, never even looking at a man twice. That is, until he is on a mission somewhere and another agent saves him by having sex with him in a public bathroom.

Back home Aiden is getting more and more confused. He is straight, he is sure of that, but why is it that he is on a date with a stunningly beautiful woman, but he has only eyes for the man a few tables over? And why are all his fantasies suddenly about other men and the things he would do to them?

Trace Williams is a doctor and instantly attracted to Aiden when he sees him. But there is something about Aiden that confuses him. Why is the guy so secretive and what is it he is not telling? Is this a guy he can really trust or not?

It doesn’t take long for Aiden and Trace to get together and start of a very hot and steamy relationship. But it is a relation build on lies and deceit and at one point all of that has to come out in to the open. And when Trace finally learns the real nature of Aiden’s job, will there ever be a chance for them again?

First of all, there is a lot of sex in this book. And I mean a LOT. Straight sex, gay sex, masturbation and so on. Also violence, abduction and murder, but that is only a minor part of it all. But somehow the whole story seems too fast, too easy and too much trying to jam all kinds of things in it to make it better. It is only about 150 pages long, but maybe it should have been a few more pages to get the whole story out.

So yeah, not that bad, but I have definitely read better. Sara York also wrote the Southern Thing series and I liked those books so much better.

You can find Sara York’s personal website here. You can buy this book at All Romance Ebooks, Amazon¬†and Barnes & Noble.


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