Nothing Like Paris – Bend or Break #2

March 27, 2015

Nothing Like Paris is the second novel in the Bend or Break series and of course is a continuation of the events in part 1. In part 1 we met Jack Tarkington who got kicked out of college for harassing some guy. He has no choice but to return home to the small Iowa town he once ran away from.

And in returning he also meets up again with his old lover Miguel (who prefers to be called Mike), now the owner of a small coffeeshop in town. They never officially ended their relationship, Jack just left town without ending it. Miguel is still angry with Jack, but there is no denying the attraction that is still there between them. Will they be able to set aside their diffences and make it work once again? Will they stay together this time?

I can’t remember ever reading anything by this author, but I must say I really liked this story. Of course I read part 2 before part 1, but that doesn’t really matter. Both books can be read separate without missing to much. Characters are described well, the setting is rural America, which I love very much. The attraction and finally love between the boys is described very well and I could relate to them instantly.

Amy Jo Cousins personal website can be found here. She writes fiction in both the gay and straight way, but always about “smart, flawed people searching for what they need in life and in love”

Part 3 in the Bend or Break series will be called The Girl Next Door and is due to be released on June 16, 2015.

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