Off Campus – Bend or Break #1

March 31, 2015

Off Campus is part 1 in the Bend or Break series. Being me, I started with part 2 and then part 1. Read the review of part 2 here.

In this first part we meet Tom ‘Worthy’ Worthington. Because of a crime his father committed, Tom feels guilty and left alone. He has no money, no friends and is struggling very hard to make sure atleast his education works out. He spends months sleeping in his car, making money wherever he can.

Finally he manages to get back into student housing, especially for older students. But his new room comes with a room mate, Reese Anders. And Reese is gay, very gay and not ashamed about it. He is determined to get Tom out of his room as soon as possible. And the way to do it is to drag a different boy in his bed every day and have sex as much as possible to make Tom feel uncomfortable.

But does it make Tom feel that way? Tom finds it more and more difficult to ignore his feelings, wants and desires. Until one night….. but Tom is sure he is not good enough for Reese and Reese will run for someone else as soon as he learns who Tom really is….

I liked this first book better than I liked the second one. The story is very well thought out, written in a nice and readable style and I could really relate to both Tom and Reese. It is very hard living with a secret that you have no part in, but still suffer because of it. Meeting new people, new friends or even a new lover can become increasingly impossible then.

I really like the way Amy Jo Cousins writes, so I will be reading more of her in the future. I urge everyone to do the same.

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