On Solid Ground

February 22, 2015

On Solid Ground is the first novel by Melissa Collins that I read, but I might read more in the future. The story was nice, but in my opinion to many things were left unanswered and needed more exploration.

Jacob Daxton (or Dax for his friends) is a soldier returning home from the war. He has been through a lot naturally and needs to find his place back in the world again. His mother treats him like a little boy and his brother is the picture of perfection, he can never live up to that.

But than he meets Beckett Ridge (Beck for his friends), a tattoo artist he goes to for a tattoo to remember his lost friend in the war. Beckett is bearded and covered in tattoos, but Dax is immediately attracted to him in the worst way.

But Beck has demons of his own to deal with. Family trouble and he has to take care of his sisters daughter. Can he really find the time to deal with Dax as well?

Both guys have issues and they need each other to deal with them. With a lot of love, support and some misunderstanding, hopefully things will work out for the best.

First of all, let me get started about the cover picture. If Beck is supposed to be covered in tattoos, why are there no tattoos in the picture? And if the other guy is Dax, he doesn’t look very soldier to me.

Second, what is the story with Beck’s sister and her drugdealer/boyfriend. Why is she so twisted and self-destructive?

All I can hope for is a second book that explains everything left wide open in this book.

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