One More Night – Rags and Riches #3

May 21, 2016

29911727One More Night is the latest addition to the Rags and Riches series by E.M. Leya. All the stories follow the same basic principle. Someone very rich meets someone very poor, they fall in love and have to fight to make the love work despite all the differences between them Sounds a bit cheesy I know, but somehow these stories make it work in the best way possible. I so very much love these books and I hope there will be many more to follow. You can find my review for part 1 here and for part 2 here.

Trevor is one of the most searched after bachelors in town, but yet he never seems to want to be with anyone for a long time. He enjoys sex very much, but only for one night and never more. All he is focussed on is running his business, making a lot of money and being a better man than his father ever was.

Prince has been out on the streets ever since he told his parents he was gay and they showed him the door. Surviving on the street may force you to do things you never wanted to do, but need to do to survive. He has made a business out of sex and he is very good at it.

But then one night Prince and Trevor meet and there is an instant attraction between the men. Neither thought it possible but when one night turns into two and then more, there is no more denying. But will they be able to make it work in the end? Both men have had trouble in the past and trouble usually turns up at the point you need it the least.

I love love love this story so much. Of course we all want to meet that rich guy that sweeps us of our feet and takes us away, but how often does that happen? And I could totally relate to Prince, being forced to sell your body on the street and doing whatever it takes to survive. I was rooting for the both of them all the way and they so very much deserved each other. If you loved the other parts in the series, this one is an easy buy.

You can buy this novel and the other parts at Amazon.


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