One Step Further

July 28, 2015

25204724One Step Further is the new novel by Felice Stevens, an author previously unknown to me, but after reading this I will definitely keep an eye out for her. Perfectly written, just the right amount of sex and drama, I could really relate to the whole thing.

Alex Stern is a guy that has everything he could ever want. Great looks, a great job, hundreds of friends and always living life to the fullest. But underneath all that he is hiding a lot. He is always alone, never finding true love or someone who he could give his heart to. Casual hookups seem to be his destiny.

Rafe Hazelton is a veterinarian and loves his job. Animals don’t mind his stutter or the way he looks. Or even that he is gay. Rafe has build a wall around himself so high he is sure no one will ever get in. No one will ever love him or need him, or so he thinks.

Alex and Rafe meet through a mutual friend and quickly force a friendship. At some point the friendship turns physical, but both men are convinced it will never be more than that. They have fun together and that is all it will ever be. But both men have dark secrets and hidden pains that will soon come to light, forcing them both to deal with it. More than ever, they need each other to make it through.

Slowly they are warming up to each other and discover that it might not be so bad after all to let someone in and allow yourself to feel something. No matter what you think of yourself, there is always someone there who thinks you are the one to make their life complete.

I read this book quite quickly and I loved it so much. Alex started out as a cold hearted bastard, but turned out so different. And Rafe was just sweet and adorable, feeling very low of himself, but desperately wanting love and romance. The story was sweet, romantic and just plain nice. Recommended reading for everyone……

Felice Stevens official website can be found here. You can buy this book at Amazon.


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