Out of the Rain

July 30, 2015

25889782Out of the Rain is the latest short story by Renae Kaye and as with all her books this one is hot, sizzling and very sexy. Only 38 pages though, so not too much is happening.

Mitch is an electrician, owning his own company and getting through life very well. At 38 he has life experience but never expected to find love or romance in his life. Who would want to be with a guy like him after all. Then one night his elderly neighbour calls him. There is a man sitting in her garden, out in the pouring rain and she doesn’t know what to do. Mitch goes over there and finds Elijah, very drunk and very sad. Mitch takes him home out of the rain and puts him up for the night.

The next day he learns that Elijah told his parents he was gay and they kicked him out of the house. Now he has nothing and no one and just has to find his way in life again. Mitch likes the young man a lot but he is too young, too pretty and too bruised for him. What he feels inside could never be real…

Slowly but surely Elijah starts working his way into Mitch’s heart. He is only 23 years old, but he is very clear about what he wants and what he needs. Mitch allows him to help in the business, do the accounts and generally make his life a lot better and more fun. And the sex is fantastic, so what is not to like…

Pretty soon Mitch will have to admit his life with Elijah could become a reality after all and he has to learn to deal with that. Taking Elijah over to his parents for his stuff, dealing with his homophobic father and learning new things about the big every day makes him warm up to him really fast.

I have read other books by Renae Kaye and she has never disappointed me. The picture on the front of the book has nothing to do with the story inside. There is no BDSM and no chains, but I guess it was just a nice and sexy picture. Highly recommended yet again….

You can find Renae Kayes personal website here. The story is for sale at Amazon.

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