Outing the Quarterback – Long Pass Chronicles #1

June 12, 2015

22841110Outing the Quarterback by Tara Lain is part 1 in the Long Pass Chronicles series. The series is all about professional athletes or active sporters who are gay, but afraid to come out of the closet fearing they might damage their reputation. But of course than the one true love comes along and they are forced to reconsider.

In part 1 we meet Will Ashford, who plays a very high level of football and majors in business. Secretly he wants to be an artist and earn his living by painting. But he knows his father will never accept that. And oh yeah, he is also gay.

Secretly he is attending art class after hours. There he meets Noah Zajack, who models for the class. Will is instantly taken by him and can’t stop thinking about the guy.

Noah’s life is completely different from Will’s life. Noah is not rich and is forced to work multiple jobs to even get by and has to carefully plan every day and every meal. He likes Will a lot but doesn’t want to be treated like a charity case.

After a lot of things happen they finally get together, but desperately want to keep their relation a secret. They don’t want to harm Will’s career in football. All goes well for a while, but slowly keeping the secret is becoming harder and harder. When all of a sudden a Youtube video of them together shows up, both boys are forced to reconsider their love and decide want they want once and for all.

I am not into sports much myself, but I liked this story very much. Tara Lain is very accurate in sports terms and has a way of describing them so even I could understand it. And I can relate to keeping things a secret for fear of a career or money. I really recommend this story to everyone who is into sports, athletes or shy cute boys.

And of course the picture on the front of the book isn’t bad either. A very cute muscular guy looking straight at the camera, what is not too like?

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