Personal Entanglement – Thorne and Dash #2

June 13, 2016

29773752Personal Entanglement is part 2 in the Thorne and Dash series by Silvia Violet and because I absolutely loved part 1, I knew I had to read this second part. As we all know from part 1, Thorne and Dash are now madly in love and Dash even moved in with Thorne. Their lives seem to be eternal bliss, but there are problems building underneath and pretty soon they will come to the surface and must be dealth with.

The great difference in age and income isn’t a problem for Thorne, but Riley seems to having more and more problems with it. He doesn’t want to depend on Thorne for everything and he doesn’t want Thorne to constantly fix all his problems for him.

Riley started culinary school but it doesn’t seem to be so great as he thought. He finds it more and more difficult to go and keep up with classes. And he wants to start up his own business with his best friend, but how is he going to make that work? Once again Thorne wants to swoop in and fix everything with money and words, but Riley refuses to let him.

Thorne doesn’t understand why Riley is fighting him every step of the way. All he wants to do is help, so why isn’t that allowed?

Both men need to learn to rely on the other one, but also to allow the other one to grow and become their own man. Sometimes it isn’t money that fixes a problem, sometimes you need to allow someone to make a mistake and learn from it. They will come out stronger in the end. But will they learn this important lesson in time for their love to survive?

Thorne pinned Riley’s wrists to the bed. “You like this? Like me turning things around and taking your ass?”

“Yes!” Riley struggled to get free. He tried to move his hips, to take Thorne deeper, but Thorne held himself still, cock barely inside Riley.
Thorne knew holding back was driving Riley insane.

“Why are you doing this?” Riley whined.

Thorne bit his lip, concentrating on not fucking Riley. He’d told himself he wasn’t going to push for more now that Riley was his… What? Boyfriend? Partner? Lover? He’d tried to be good, tried not to beg Riley to move in. He’d meant to wait and let Riley realize how good it would be for them to be together every night, but Riley wasn’t deciding fast enough to suit Thorne. And Thorne liked getting his way.

Just before they’d tumbled into bed, still half-covered in whipped icing, which should have been on a strawberry cake, Riley had said he needed to go home. He had an early morning, and it was easier to catch the train from his place.

Thorne had used his best weapon to keep Riley there: seduction.

“You want to come, don’t you?” he asked Riley.

“Thorrrrne.” The word was half exasperation, half raw lust.

“Say you’ll move in with me.” Thorne’s attempt at manipulation was so blatant, so ridiculous, there was no way Riley would say yes. Of course, Thorne would fuck him anyway, as if he could deny himself such pleasure.

He sank in a little farther, and Riley groaned.

“What happened to not forcing this?”

Thorne shrugged and smiled at him. “I got impatient.”

“You’ve been impatient.”

“I got desperate.”

You can find Silvia Violet’s personal page here. This book is for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and All Romance Ebooks.

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