Pictures of You – ’90s Coming of Age #1

October 23, 2016

31439127This book was send to me as an ARC and a request for a review, so here it is guys. First of all, as you all know I love stories that play in high school and coming of age stories, so I had high hopes for this one going by the title alone. And I was not disappointed.

Peter Mandel is 18 and very private. He is a photography freak and can always be seen with a camera around his neck or close at hand. He is gay but prefers to keep it a secret to everyone.

But when Adam Algedi joins the class for the senior year everything changes for Peter. Adam makes it very clear that he wants Peter, but it can never be out in the open. At home behind closed doors they can do whatever they want, but outside they can only be friends and nothing more.

And so begins a journey of first love, first sex and a lot of secrets. Sometimes Peter has enough of all the secrets and just wants Adam to be open about their relation, but Adam always manages to talk him out of it. But when Adam gets a girlfriend and even has sex with her, Peter might just loose it all.

Peter has a crush of his own when he meets Daniel, who he meets through a friend. But Daniel thinks Peter is too young for him and thinks they should wait a while longer.

So we follow Peter through life as he grows up and needs to decide what he wants from life and if all those secrets are worth it. Will he ever be able to speak about love out in the open or will it forever be a secret?

Let me start by saying I loved the story. It was funny, it was well written and once I started I just could not stop until the end. But there are also some down sides to this story. I just could not believe Peter would stay so loyal to Adam, when it is so clear that Adam will never give Peter what he wants. Adam pushes Peter to far and no one should ever do that. I really wished Peter would stand up for himself a bit more.

But all in all a great book and I really want to read the rest to know what happens……

You can find Leta Blake personal page here. This book is for sale at Amazon.

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