Play On – Glasgow Lads #0.5

December 23, 2015

25608496Play On is the first novel in the new Glasgow Lads series by Avery Cockburn (I really do hope it is an alias). The series is made up of several books who can all be read separately but are set in the same background. We focus on an LGBT soccer team in Glasgow where all team members find love one by one. And this first one is a major promise for the rest to come….

Duncan Harris is a member of a LGBT soccer team, out and proud. But now his team is ripped apart by scandal and trouble. Their captain deserted them in the sight of victory and now they need a way to find each other again or lose the team forever. And for Duncan there is only one person who can ground him again and bring him back to where he needs to be.

Brodie Campbell was bullied by his schoolmates in a small village, so he was really deep in the closet when he came out to Glasgow. Once at the university he came out and is now proud of what he is and who he is. But all the abuse has left mental scars that are still healing. So is his flatmate Duncan able to help Brodie escape his past and heal his heart?

When Brodie falls ill Duncan sees a chance and offers to nurse him back to health. They spend a lot of time together and start growing closer and closer. But it was athletes like Duncan who once tortured Brodie and he has trouble getting passed that. And when Duncan lashes out against an opponent it all comes rushing back to Brodie. Brodie doesn’t feel safe anymore, especially not when he is with Duncan.

Brodie must find the strength to fight his demons and deal with his past, while not losing Duncan in the process. And Duncan needs to be patient enough to let him….

Wow, I was so impressed by this story. I am not a sports fan and I don’t know the first thing about soccer. But that didn’t matter, because you don’t need to understand the game to understand the story. Duncan and Brodie are so sweet together and so clearly in love, it is impossible to miss when you read this. And since I am a great fan of accents, I really liked the way some sentences are written in Gaelic. I could almost hear it in my head and it makes it that much more fun to read. I am really looking forward to the other novels in this series.

You can find Avery Cockburn’s personal site here. This story is for sale at Amazon.


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