Please Understand

September 21, 2015

26016051Please Understand by Fai Marie Dawson is a very likable story, but with a sad undertone. A friend suggested that I read it and I am glad she did because I liked the story very much.

Fox has always claimed to be straight, looking only at women and nothing else. But what happens when he meets the mysterious Audrey and she turns out to have a very sexy twin brother by the name of Tommie.

Fox has been married, but the marriage failed. His mother is constantly on his case, demanding that he finds a new girlfriend and make her happy. So when he meets Audrey things seem to turn out for the best.

Fox owns his own bookstore and he is very happy working there. But when he is introduced to Audreys sexy twin brother Tommie his whole life is turned up side down. And of one his long time customers Mrs Jones also has a hand in things.

So how will this whole mess turn out? Who will end up with who and is everyone really what they seem to be? And will Fox finally be able to get his mother of his back and start living his own life for once?

I must say it was somewhat difficult to get into the story, but once you’re in you are lost. I just could not stop reading until it was finished, I had to know what happened. So high praises for this one and and I hope there will be more books by this author. Things can only get better from here on out….

You can find Fai Marie Dawson’s personal website here and this book is for sale at MLR Books and Amazon.


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