Ray: My Unlimited Life

January 22, 2016

27779110First of all, let me start of by telling you this book is written in Dutch so not everybody might be able to read it. But personally I really think there should be an English version, so I will write this review anyway.

Any Dutch kid who lived in the 90’s know who 2 Unlimited are. At one point it was the best selling export product of my country and everybody was so proud. I grew up with this music and to this very day I am a huge fan of 2 Unlimited. I have seen them live only once, but I own every album and single that ever came out.

This book is the story of 2 Unlimited as told by one of its members, Ray Slijngaard, the male half of the duo. For the first time we can read what happened behind the scenes, the crazy world they lived in for years, what happened with the money and why did they ever decide to stop at one point?

How do you go from traveling all over the world, everybody knowing your name and women throwing themselves at you everywhere you are, to trying to make your own money, finding out who your real friends are and who you can really trust and who you can’t trust.

For me personally it was a real eye opener to read this story. Of course as an outsider you never know how it is for the artist to do the things they do, but this story provides some insight in that. Ray started to get more and more arrogant and sometimes even violent and needed to learn a hard lesson if he wanted to be able to come back down again and lead a normal life.

And now 2 Unlimited is back, once again having succes and performing at all kinds of 90’s parties around the world. But this time it is different. Ray and Anita know what they are in for and know what they need to do to keep things in check. Never again will they allow themselves to be used and abused, this time they are more in control of everything.

I knew this book has been in the making for quite some time now, but when it finally came out I just had to read it. And it was everything I hoped it would be, so I feel I know a little more of the crazy world that was and is 2 Unlimited. I urge everyone to buy and read this book and learn for yourselves.

For the official 2 Unlimited fansite go here. This book is for sale at Bol.com.

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