Red Dirt Christmas – Red Dirt #3.5

February 16, 2016

28096177Red Dirt Christmas is, as the title shows, part of the Red Dirt Heart series by N.R. Walker and is meant as a little add on the story telling about the first Christmas Travis and Charlie spend together at Sutton Station, in the middle of the outback Australia. And just as the other 4 books in the series, I loved this small add on as well.

This book is set somewhere between book 3 and book 4, so whatever happens in book 4 hasn’t happened yet. There is no marriage yet and some other things are not present yet either.

Life at Sutton Station has never been better. Business is good,everyone is happy and all is going well. Except that Christmas is just around the corner and Travis really misses the way it was celebrated at home. But at Sutton Station Christmas is just another working day like all the others and no one really bothers about it.

But Charlie knows that this Christmas is the first Christmas Travis spends at Sutton Station and far away from his family so he knows he has to make this a Christmas to remember. Until now they never bothered much with decorations, a tree or even presents, but that will not fly this year. So Charlie sets out to make this Christmas the best Christmas ever and he is determined to surprise Travis in the best way possible. But we all know how hard it is to keep a secret from Travis….

Now as we all know I really really loved the Red Dirt Heart series and it is still my favorite to date. So when I learned that there would be an extra addition to the story I was so happy. And it hasn’t disappointed me at all, it was simply the perfect story I knew it would be.

You can find N.R. Walkers personal pageĀ here. This story is for sale atĀ Amazon.

And check out this wonderful fan made book trailer for this story…..




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