Red Dirt Heart 2

December 6, 2014

22957237The Red Dirt Heart series by NR Walker is one of my favourites to date. First of all, it is set in Australia, a country that I just love. Second of all, there is a lot of romance, love and friendship in this book. And last, I really like all the characters in the book and the way they are described. I can really see them in my mind and relate to them easily.

In the first part we learn about Charlie Sutton who runs a big farm in Australia and is prepared to spend his life alone in the desert. But then Travis, an American student, enters his life and everything changes. They fall in love almost instantly and must learn to deal with that. Because of his nature, Charlie is very closed and not used to talk about his emotions. He thinks Travis will get up and leave at any moment.

Travis however thinks differently. He loves Charlie all the way and decides to stay in Australia with Charlie and change his life forever. He works very hard and does his share of the work at the farm, but spends every night with Charlie.

But then something happens that will change everything forever and could drive them apart forever. Both boys must learn what they want and how they are planning to spend the rest of their lives. At the same time things seem to go bad for Ma, who is feeling ill and doesn’t manage to recover. Everyone worries about her a lot and that adds to the pressure already there.

N.R. Walker has a very pleasant writing style that reads very easily and allows you to relate to all characters easily. You can just imagine what life would be out there and what it does to people. The Australian outback is a very harsh environment and you must always respect that, but then it can be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

This is part 2 in the series. Part 3 is already out and the final part 4 will be out in January of 2015. I really recommend these books to anyone who is looking for love and romance. I for one am a big fan of both this author and these books.

A blurb from the personal site of N.R. Walker:

Welcome to Sutton Station: One of the world’s largest working farms in the middle of Australia – where if the animals and heat don’t kill you first, your heart just might.

Charlie Sutton runs Sutton Station the only way he knows how, the way his father did before him. Determined to keep his head down and his heart in check, Charlie swears the red dirt that surrounds him – isolates him – runs through his veins.

American agronomy student Travis Craig arrives at Sutton Station to see how farmers make a living from one of the harshest environments on earth. But it’s not the barren, brutal and totally beautiful landscapes that capture him so completely.

It’s the man with the red dirt heart.

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