Red Dirt Heart 4

January 28, 2015

23558250The fourth and, sadly, last edition to the Red Dirt Heart Series. The Charlie and Travis story continues, this time we see things from Travis’ point of view. His love for Charlie brought him all the way to the other side of the world, where he found a new home, new friends and the love of his life.

And OMG this last part is one of hell of a ride. It actually made me cry at least three times, it was that good.

As we can see through Travis’ eyes, Charlie has changed and grown a lot in the years. He is still stubborn and always thought he did things wrong, but he gets a better control of things and is no longer afraid Travis will walk out on him. He manages one of the biggest stations in Australia and loves everything about it. Travis no longer thinks of Texas as home, but found a new home in Australia. He cannot imagine living anywhere else ever again.

There is still some drama in this part (hence the crying) but all in all, romance is just dripping from the pages and I literally couldn’t stop reading until I finished it. This is a series I will be reading again and again and love it every single time.

Thank you N.R. Walker for bringing this into my life !!

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