Rescue Me

April 24, 2016

28513091Rescue Me is a wonderful, sweet and short story by S. Winters. To me it proves that anyone deserves a second chance no matter what you did wrong. Who knows, the greatest things might happen if you decide to give someone a second chance. I loved Rescue Me from the first to the last page.

Max is working very hard running a shelter for animals who otherwise would be out on the street. It is very emotional work but he loves it very much. But as any shelter would they are always struggling for money and supplies and the every day routine usually is about begging money from wherever they can think of.

However in his private life there isn’t so much emotion at all. Max prefers to be alone at home with his three dogs, they provide him with whatever he needs in life. So when a former one night stand comes walking through the door at the shelter. things are bound to be very interesting.

Robert’s walks into the shelter looking for a dog for his daughter, but is confronted with the man he hooked up with once months ago. The only problem is he hasn’t been able to forget this man after their encounter. So when he finds him again, he decides to take a chance and see where it will lead him. He manages to find a lot of excuses to get Max to his house and several other places. But will Max feel the same for him after that bathroom encounter?

I enjoyed the story very much, but there are some flaws in the book as well. The first encounter they had was in a bathroom, but when they meet again, both men refuse to talk about the encounter and go out of their way to not talk about it. Why would you do that? Also the story ends somewhat abrupt and I feel several storylines have been left open and could have been explored a little more.

As far as I know S. Winters has no personal page. The book is for sale at Amazon.

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