Return to Blackcreek – Blackcreek #3.5

January 4, 2016

27411157Return to Blackcreek by Riley Hart is a new addition to the Blackcreek series, especially written for the holiday season. In this book we revisit every couple we met before in the series to catch up with their lives again as they are now. Every couple faces a critical decision that could have major impact on their lives and their relations. Will they make the right choice or not?

Braden is planning a weekend away for him and Wes. He wants to spend a whole weekend alone with his husband, but that is not the only reason. Braden wants to ask Wes a very important question and he needs the right place to do it. Wes isn’t fooled at all and he knows something is up. But when the question finally comes, what will he do?

Gavin is looking forward to working together with Mason at Creekside for the holidays. But soon he realizes he wants more than that and he sets out to give Mason the best surprise he ever had. It takes a lot of work and a lot of time, but in the end the surprise is bigger than they thought possible.

Cooper is planning to start a new holiday tradition, starting of with an ugly sweater party at the home he has made with Noah. And he wants it to be a party that will go down in history. But in the end the party turns out to be even bigger than either one thought possible. Will Cooper be able to throw a party without a hitch or will it be the biggest mistake he has ever made in his life?

I read some of the original Blackcreek series but not all yet. However, I found that this book could be read separately from the others. The stories were pretty stand alone, but if you want to know how the guys got together originally you would have to read the other books.

You can find Riley Hart’s personal page here. This book is for sale at Amazon¬†and Barnes & Noble.


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