Rhythm & Blues

June 15, 2016

Rhythm&Blues_webRhythm & Blues is the new novel by Shae Connor. Not too long ago I participated in the blogtour for this book, this time I actually read the book. And I must say, it wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t the most fantastic thing I ever read. But it provides for a nice short read that will get you through the day and leave you with a smile on your face.

Pate Hawkins used to be a Broadway dancer, but a knee injury ended his career and now he has to go for a new plan. He went back to Atlanta and is determined to open his own dance academy to train a new generation of dancers. But before that can happen, the space he intends to use needs to be remodeled and Pate hires a contractor for that.

So when Ace Samson shows up, one of the most gorgeous constructors Pate has ever seen, he knows he is in for some trouble. Pretty soon the construction is on the way, but the hot romance between the two men is also flaring up. Everything seems to be working out great, until Pate receives a call asking him to come back to the stage for a new role.

What will he do? Will he go back to the stage or will he deny it and be with Ace? It seems to be an impossible choice, but Pate has to make it and soon or there will be nothing left at all.

The story was nice, but I could see the ending coming a mile away and of course the romance between the two men was way way way to easy. I mean, how many construction workers come into your place of business and immediately fall in love with the one who hires them? But never the less, not bad.

You can find Shae Connor’s personal site here. This novel is for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble¬†and All Romance Ebooks.


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