Righting a Wrong

January 21, 2015

21488448Righting a Wrong is a book I normally would’t read, but a friend asked me to do so and write about what I thought of it. So here goes.

Several years ago Cambri Blaine left the small town she lived in, expecting to never come back again. There are too many memories and emotions in the little town for her. But then her father needs her help and she has no choice but to return to the small town she once lived in.

And of course that means meeting Jace Sutton again, the guy that was once her best friend, but when he wanted to be more, she ran away and left him behind.

But is there enough time to right this wrong when Cambri finds her feelings for Jace have grown and his feelings for her have never left. In the beginning they try to avoid each other  but in the end they have no choice but to face each other and decide what they want from the future.

This book is part 3 in the Ripple Effect Romance series, apparently a series about how one small act can have a major effect on all the people involved.

Normally I don’t do boy-girl romance and now I know exactly why. Things are just to slow, to boring and nothing really happens. I found myself screaming at the characters to do something and let the other one know how they feel. Apart from a little kissing and hugging, there is no sex at all, but I guess there never is in books like these.

I have never read anything by Rachael Anderson before, and judging by this book I never will again in the future. I guess this kind of story is good when you are a 16 year old girl, but not for me.

Find out more about the author and her books on her personal page here.

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