Sand & Water

June 30, 2015

12050556Sand & Water is another book by Shae Connor, actually the second one I read from this author. I liked it, although it was a bit slow here and there. Not that much sex involved, but a whole lot of romance and love.

John McConnell is a widower raising his young daughter alone on the island of Tybee in Georgia. He is living with his sister and trying to get his life back together after his wife died. At the moment there is no way he is going to be dating again, let alone find that special person again. Until he meets Bryan Simmons in the park, father to one of his daughters friends. John hasn’t always been straight in the past, so it is no strange feeling for him when he finds Bryan attractive.

The feelings are mutual and Bryan also has strong feelings for John. But Bryan has a lot of emotional baggage of his own that he needs to deal with. Together they learn to deal with their feelings and start putting the demons to rest. For the first time in a long time they start feeling loved again and actually think there can be something more for them in the future.

And then, of course, John does something incredibly stupid and almost ruins everything there is before it started. Will Bryan be able to forgive him and will their budding love survive? Or will the mistakes of the past catch up again?

Tybee island is actually a real place in the USA, but I have never been there. But from the description Shae gives in the book I can really picture the place in my head and actually like the place. Could it really be that nice in real life?

And for once I liked the children in this book. Usually when there are children involved it leads to all kinds of drama and trouble, but not here. They are there but stay nicely in the background. So all in all, great book if you like romance and love.

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