Scientology – Abuse at the Top

August 8, 2015

8096023Scientology – Abuse at the Top is a book written by Amy Scobee, who has been in Scientolgy for over 20 years before she finally got out. As a former top insider there is no better person to describe what went on inside the highest levels of the Church, the persons involved and the struggle she went through before she got out.

I became interested in Scientology quite recently, not to join, but as part of my on going interest in religion and cults all over the world. There is almost no cult more described and published about than this one, and that surprises me. A lot of the books are by people who got out and describe the things they went through out there. I still find it very hard to believe that people would willingly go along with this and even volunteer to stay in there for decades.

Amy Scobee witnessed a lot of things up close and personal and describes them in great detail. As with many other books about Scientology this one is also self published and it shows. The language and the editing is showing signs of a non professional at work, but that doesn’t take anything away from the story itself. Amy was introduced to Scientology at age 14 and actually went in there together with her mother.

Because she is now out of the Church she is no longer in touch with her mother who is still in the Church. Outside contact is not allowed. I find it hard to believe that actual slave labour is still allowed inside the USA, but the things Amy describes as what she did on a day to day basis come really close to it. People willingly participate in it, but feel kind of brainwashed when they get out.

This book is however not for the people who are new to Scientology. It is filled with lingo and abbreviations which make it hard to understand at points. There is a glossary at the back explaining most of them, but it can be distracting from the story sometimes.

Today Amy is living with her husband Mat who escaped wit her. They live in Washington State and continue to expose human rights violations going on in Scientology even today.

Amy Scobee’s official website can be found here, where you can also buy this book if you want.

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